Hi there, before this I have a problem with my Vtiger 6.4.0 Webform fields not working. I just want to share my solution to fix the problem

delete the table vtiger_webforms_field, create again using the following SQL command:

create table vtiger_webforms_field (

id int(19) not null auto_increment,
webformid int(19) not null,
fieldname varchar(50) not null,
neutralizedfield varchar(50) not null,
defaultvalue varchar(200) default null,
required int(10) not null default '0',
sequence int(10) default null,
hidden int(10) default null,
primary key (id),
key webforms_webforms_field_idx (id),
key fk_1_vtiger_webforms_field (webformid),
key fk_2_vtiger_webforms_field (fieldname),
constraint fk_1_vtiger_webforms_field foreign key (webformid) references vtiger_webforms (id) on delete cascade,
constraint fk_3_vtiger_webforms_field foreign key (fieldname) references vtiger_field (fieldname) on delete cascade


I hope its going to help you guys. Leave comment if it is working.

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