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Do you think it is easy to succeed? Definitely not! Want to be successful, it is always easier said than done. However, LAr. Amos Ng is one of the person who has took it as an action. He has set up a company called Amos Ng Architecture Group in year 2008. He often showed his positive attitude towards his work and made a lot of effort to achieve success in this career. Finally, he has a well-known reputation in architecture business. Actually, it is not easy for him to success in the process of entrepreneurship and all these achievements are because of his efforts and persistence.

Like other people, Amos Ng is also came from an ordinary family. He was born in Seberang Perai, Penang. According to Amos Ng, he is interested in architecture during school time.

“I have highly art and drawing. I love to draw anything on paper. My mother encouraged me a lot during my childhood. I met a talented art teacher during my secondary school in Butterworth and eventually he encouraged me pursued my tertiary education in architectural related field”, said Amos Ng.

To further improve his art skills, he studied Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in UPM. He was graduated in year 2000 as the first batch of landscape architect from Faculty of Design and Architecture UPM. He is a landscape architect by profession. Before he started his business, he has eight years of working experience in architecture career. After graduating from UPM, he has joined Mines Resort Group, the company whom developed Mines Resort City in Seri Kembangan. He was working as in-house landscape architect in that company. During this eight years of working, he managed to grow himself into head of project who involved in finance, corporate finance, sales, marketing, project management, Human Resources management and learned all kind of business management skills. This was a good chance for him to train himself before he involved in entrepreneurship.

He started Amos Ng Architecture Group in year 2008 after he left Mines Resort Group. It has been nine years for him to become an entrepreneur. According to Amos Ng, he decided to open his own company because he wants to contribute to society and also our beloved country.

He said, “As a man, we must carry certain responsibilities in term of family, schools, society and beloved nation. We must learned to lead and create better jobs opportunities to others besides we paying taxes to the government. The bottom line is we must making profits, then we can support other fields such as my primary, secondary schools and UPM where I came from. Everyone has the responsibility to pay back and acknowledge the tribute from his education background.”

Office of LAr. Amos Ng, CEO of Amos Ng Architecture Group

Working environment of employee Amos Ng Architecture Group

Jenny Chong, one of the designer of Amos Ng Architecture Group stated that Amos Ng is a nice and very responsible boss. This obviously proved that he is a well-prepared and serious person especially towards his business. Thus, thinking of a company name is a must do thing to him before starting to involve himself in entrepreneurship.

“First, I think is to prepare for my company name. There were a few names in my mind. End up I decided to use my own name because I want to tell my customer I am very serious in business.

“If my company does not doing well,it will get sued. At last, my company and I will get a bad reputation. Conversely, my company and my name are both good. Indeed, I am very serious about my business and reputation”, said Amos Ng.

At last, he named it Amos Ng Architecture which provides planning and designing home services based on the principles of contemporary, minimal and practical approach.

“We are specialized in helping successful people to design and build their own individual bungalow”, said Amos Ng.

Besides, the combination of fengshui knowledge with contemporary interior design has became one of the company’s features as compared to others. All these knowledge are accumulated from overseas travelling experiences and hard work of Amos Ng with his working partners in doing a lot of research on international renowned designers along the years.

“I learned some basic fengshui knowledge and eventually makes us have a better understanding about the metaphysics factor when our customer engaged a fengshui master in their bungalow design. We also apply a lot of interior design detailing into our plan”, said Amos Ng.

Core value is essential to introduce and clarify the identity of a company to customers. Every company is operated based on their own core value to ensure their company run smoothly. This is same goes to Amos Ng Architecture Group which has applied the 5M, including mindset, manpower, material, machinery and money as their core value. The 5M is applied effectively based on different situation.

According to Amos Ng, the most important resources in a company is everyone’s mindset. So, the employer and employee must have a positive mindset before starting their works.

“This is because we deal with a lot of famous, rich and successful men and ladies. Their expectation is very high”, said Amos Ng.

In addition, he also stated a project manager must ensure that the 3M which refers to manpower, money and machinery always appear at the site all the times.

“Manpower means workers, sub contractors and construction materials are ready and prepared. Sufficient machinery and tools for workers to start working. Money is the last important element, without the 4M above, no work is going to start and no money you are going to earn”, said Amos Ng.

Besides, Amos Ng Architecture Group, there are other architecture companies around Serdang area. As the CEO of company, he is responsible to arrange strategy in order to survive in this competitive market. Focus is the main strategy used by Amos Ng as he found that many builder companies in the market nowadays almost doing everything.

“They just listen to what the customers wanted and give quotations accordingly”, he said.

Conversely, he will only focus on design and create home values for certain house style such as semi detach and corner terrace.

“But, we tell what are customer need and where they should pay attention when come to family value and home design. For example, a bedroom design for a son or daughter are always not the same. The son may get married in future and continue to stay with their parent. But daughter may move out after getting married”, he said.

Moreover, Amos Ng is also carrying the responsibility as a father. Thus, he always takes into account the life quality of youngsters into his future plan as he knows they are the future leaders for the country. He wished he can become a developer who can design a small tiny apartment for young people in Kuala Lumpur and other urban cities in Malaysia with all his skills and experiences.

“We need them to grow and think positively and live happily. Eventually will reduce all kinds of social problems”, he said.

Amos Ng able to have present achievement because he get support from his parents. When he was studying in tertiary school, he managed to take a study loan of RM8000 only from Yayasan Pulau Penang. He really thanked to his parents because they financially supported him a lot during his primary, secondary & tertiary education. Besides, they also gave him a lot of freedom which allowed him to study what he loves to do.

He also never forget to give advice to the graduates who want to involve in entrepreneurship must set up a company by using their own names.

“As you can see many big corporations like YTL Group, Lim Kok Wing University, Low Yat Group, Ahmad Zaki Resource Berhad, Goh Ban Huat Sanitarywares, Boon Koon Transportation Group and many Chinese food and restaurant groups are using their names, eventually are carried on by a few generations. There are also many famous and successful professional firms such as legal firms in Kuala Lumpur like Chooi & Company and Michael Chen & Co, accounting firm, AdrianYeo Group, architect firm, Hijjas Kasturi Associates, landscape architecture firm, Seksan Design and many more to mention”, he said.

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